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Citizen Empowerment

Citizen Empowerment Solutions (CES) are a holistic set of technology solutions and services designed to enable literacy and empowerment. CES delivers mobile based services to provide access to global knowledge, develop technical, humanistic, and social-interactive capabilities, and instill capacity as leaders able to contribute to economic and social development. Examples of CES Services include:

  • Education & Apps. eLearning solutions, innovative apps and unique content delivered through low cost tablets to empower students with cutting edge technology and resources that meet the highest international standards. Interactive books and valuable apps for learning, coupled with internet connectivity transform learning forever. Pixatel’s solutions and services enable learning across all subjects to make it easier for educators to facilitate and evaluate progress.
  • Government & Public Sector. Government services made available via a Government Application Store deliver new programs, develop greater government-citizen interaction, and increase transparency while reducing bureaucracy. Innovation of low cost internet enabled devices opens up a whole new world of possibilities for delivering services to citizens, interfacing with field workers, and connecting to rural areas. Pixatel’s unique solutions help transcend existing resource and infrastructure constraints to enable organizations to quickly deliver services across a large set of distributed users, aggregate data, and organize responses to critical events.
  • Enterprise & Industry. Empowering industry and enterprise with high end cutting edge mobile computing devices enables workers to be more efficient, productive and innovative. Pixatel works to develop vertically integrated devices tailored to the needs of specific industries, enabling them to execute better and deliver more value to citizens. Examples include: Banking, Retail, Healthcare, Logistics.

Understanding Citizen Empowerment

Every country’s biggest asset is its human resources. It’s imperative that the citizenry be well educated and connected to the latest technical advances to compete globally, become active participants in civic affairs, and build capacity as innovative thinkers and life-long learners.

Why Citizen Empowerment Matters

In an increasingly connected and competitive world, the nations that cultivate the greatest Citizen Empowerment will be the most successful on a global scale. Citizens with access to education, technology, and competitive skills will be more successful in becoming innovative thinkers, solving national problems, and growing their country’s GDP. High levels of Citizen Empowerment are a fundamental sign of nations that can work collaboratively to solve internal challenges facing their society and contribute to global discourse on issues facing our planet.

Benefits of Citizen Empowerment

Citizen Empowerment Solutions help countries maximize the potential of its citizenry by providing cutting edge services using low cost mobile devices. CES delivers a number of benefits including:

  • Delivering electronic services and global knowledge to citizens in rural and urban areas
  • Facilitating holistic Education of students inclusive of Science, Math, English, and Humanities curriculum
  • Accelerating innovation and growth of Industry
  • Creating socially responsible leaders with technical skills and humanitarian capacities

CES can open up a whole new set of possibilities for your country.  Contact us to get started today!