An Innovative Approach to Business

Pixatel is reimagining how education should be delivered in rural and urban classrooms using individualized learning to enable each child to learn to achieve their full potential.

Why We Love What We Do

Our motivation to work harder every day stems from an intense belief that movement has the potential to help each child we touch achieve their full potential.  This places an immense responsibility on us to ensure we are operating efficiently and celebrating the privilege we have been given.

We have a culture grounded in trust and fun. We continue to grow because we have a strong foundation that believes in collaboration, innovation, and continuous improvement.

Some Key Aspects of Our Culture:

  • Create an environment of trust
  • Do our actions pass the “What would my mom say?” test
  • Have fun and make sure it’s contagious
  • Work hard and play hard at the same time
  • Share our success with others

Our Culture is the bedrock against which we judge each new hire. It guides our interactions with customers and partners. It is the foundation upon which we base our charity programs and employee development programs.

Our Core Values

Our core values not only define our broad focus but they also guide our daily actions. They are:

  • Student Success – We don’t succeed unless students succeed.  We partner with schools and communities to ensure that we are making a real difference.
  • Innovation – We continuously work to innovate – business models, software processes, delivery channels, and even bug testing festivals. We are in the business of providing innovative services so every part of the organization is challenged to be innovative.
  • Integrity – We stand by our word and commitments no matter what it takes. We believe its imperative that we communicate clearly and honestly both internally and with everyone that does business with us.

Our core values guide the kind of company we are building. They help us ensure that our actions aren’t short sighted but rather will help us build a sustainable business in partnership with our customers.

Getting Involved with the Communities we Serve

As a social enterprise, Pixatel is extremely conscious of our corporate responsibility to help improve the environment in which we operate. Our success cannot just be measured in the financial sense. We believe that we are successful when our employees play an active role in improving the quality of life of their immediate surroundings. We encourage community service initiatives and provide opportunities for employees to become involved with local NGOs.  We also believe that its our responsibility to share success. We have a commitment to reinvest our pre-tax profits to help improve the communities we serve.