Academic Room



Platform Overview

Academic Room improves the quality of education at Universities and Colleges by providing students and teachers with world class eLearning resources and enabling collaboration and communication between the entire campus.

  • Curricula Driven Subject Matter Lectures – Videos by experts in each subject area
  • Thought Leadership Blogs – Blogs by faculty and students
  • Online Discussion Groups – Discussions and interaction between students and teachers
  • Collaborative Homework – Collaboration between students
  • Innovative Pedagogy – Focus on developing new way to teach curricula

Expert Videos and Customized Content

Academic Room provides curated content that is relevant to your University or College.  Our team of experts match curriculum to the most innovative content available to ensure students have access to the right learning material when they need it – whether it may be video lectures, articles, or blogs.


E-Learning Benefits

Academic Room delivers E-Learning content including videos, lectures, blogs, and research papers from foremost experts to democratize educational resources. 

  • Access to Global Knowledge
  • World Class Teachers & lectures from around the world
  • Equity in Education
  • Professional Development of Teachers
  • Skills for Life Long Learning
  • Develop a Globally Competitive Workforce
  • Create an Educated Citizenry