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Pixatel Announces Disruption of imagineMath Adaptive Learning Program in Punjab

Amritsar, Punjab and Seattle WA, August 8, 2016 – Pixatel Systems, a social enterprise working to improve the quality of education in low resourced countries, announced that its operations in Punjab have been disrupted.

Pixatel has developed a tablet-based adaptive learning platform to improve the quality of education in Indian schools. With an award from USAID, Pixatel deployed this platform in underprivileged schools in Punjab, India for the past 2 years – providing schools with tablets, software, and an in-school teacher’s aide completely free of charge. Initial results from running this program showed large learning gains for Punjab’s students and reports of greater student attention levels and enthusiasm for Math.

As the Pixatel team was preparing to deploy the learning system to a larger number of schools in July 2016, when students return from summer vacations, Pixatel’s operations in Punjab were abruptly halted.  Equipment that included approximately 750 school children’s tablets and over a dozen laptops have been stolen from premises of schools and Pixatel offices.  These actions have led to a halt of operations in Punjab.

Pixatel is actively working on recovery of the missing equipment from the individual we believe responsible and determining next steps.  While the Pixatel management team is working with partners and authorities, direct work in Punjab currently remains interrupted.  For questions relating to the disruption of Pixatel’s activities, please reach out to