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worldPad brings the power of the Internet into the hands of millions. Designed to provide instant connectivity, worldPad comes loaded with the applications needed to jumpstart education, business, civil society, and social connections. worldPad feaures the latest technology and applications to let you work hard and play harder.

  • Affordable low cost Tablet PC starting below $100 USD
  • Provides continuous internet connectivity
  • Includes productivity software to meet organizational goals
  • Cloud Application Store to deliver new content and updates
  • Enables interaction and broadcast with users
  • Localized content sourced by country
  • Distributed in partnership with Governments, Education Institutions, NGOs, and Enterprises

Solution Overview

The worldPad line offers a versitile set of low cost mobile devices that can help governments, educational institutions, and enterprises roll out socially responsible services to millions of users. worldPad comes loaded with Pixatel’s proprietary mBazaar white label appstore, enabling organizations to instantly push out new serves and updates to users.

worldPad Models



worldPad wifi Wifi tablet provides instant internet connectivity
worldPad mini High end premium tablet built for performance
worldPad 2G 2G tablet provides continuous connectivity
worldPad 3G

3G premium tablet provides continuous connectivity

worldPad touchPC Tablet and PC in one for unmatched productivity

worldPad Custom Services

worldPad comes loaded with all the applications you need to be instantly productive. If there is a particular service or application your organization wants to roll out to its users, Pixatel can develop and integrate your requirements to create a customized mobile device. Whether you are an educational institution, government entity, non-profit, or enterprise, Pixatel can deliver your services to end users.



Interactive books and loads of other apps for learning coupled with internet connectivity change education forever. worldPad enables learning across all subjects to make it easier for educators to facilitate and evaluate student progress.


Enterprise & Industry

It’s sleek design, cutting edge technology and preinstalled productivity apps provide a definitive edge for any work. Specific applications by industry or use cases can be downloaded or updated on devices in real time to ensure that end users have access to the services they need to execute their responsibilities.


Government & Public Sector

worlPad opens up a whole new world of possiblities for delivering services to citizens, interfacing with field workers, and connecting rural areas. worldPad transcends existing resource and infrastructure constraints so organizations can quickly deliver services across a large set of distributed users, aggregate data, and organize responses to critical events. For example, technologies like the worldpad coupled with a cloud server enable the ability undertake and leverage digitization of records at a mass scale and in any sphere.